Josh's 1977 BMW R100S Rebuild

This motorcycle was purchased in San Francisco as a basket case. To my knowledge it was in a wreck in 1994, sold in 1996 and torn apart with the frame being straightened and powdercoated by the Frame Man in Sacramento. It sat for many years and I aquired it in 2002 and hid it (and the boxes of parts) in my garage from my baby's mom until I sold a 1972 Triumph T25 motorcycle to make room for the BMW rebuild. After lots of money and the help of Dave Gardner at Recommended Service (San Francisco), she was fully rebuilt and brought back to life.

I snapped a bunch of photos while I was putting the bike back together. The following pages are some of the digital images I took while doing the work. I have a few more detailed and comprehensive photos but they were shot with print film and have yet to be scanned into the computer.

Page 2 - Features and Restoration Photos


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Josh Withers 1977 R100S Rebuild and Photo Gallery
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